We can organise events for small and large teams over one or more days. Team members will learn how:

  • they like to work
  • others perceive them and how they perceive others
  • their attitudes and behaviours affect others
  • a project needs different strengths from different team members
  • to be a better team member
  • to be the best business team

We will use a range of tools, including Belbin® Team Roles and a variety of indoor and/or outdoor team exercises. Participants will explore their own and each others’ behaviours and gain insight into issues that can arise within teams. We will facilitate constructive observation and feedback.

We can arrange a wide range of accommodation (including high-quality but economic bunkhouses as well as more traditional hotels) or activities in the Brecon Beacons if required.

Team Coaching

  • A ‘Team Coach’ can help management teams to become more effective by working with them over time, with the aim of achieving a common goal and business success
  • Your Team Coach will combine the insight and wisdom of a consultant; the objectivity and pace of a facilitator; and the enthusiasm and energy of a team-builder; with the challenge and commitment of a professional coach
  • With a Team Coach, your management team will be able to work towards delivering shared success in an environment of trust and mutual appreciation.