Online Personal Coaching

Our Back to Basics Online Personal Coaching sessions are delivered ‘face-to-face’ via video-conferencing and are designed to help individuals who need support in identifying and solving issues to improve their lives.

Working with a coach can help someone identify issues that are stopping them living life to the full; identify goals for the future; and work through how to achieve these. Often it is about helping people clarify their issue and take the ‘right’ decision about the next step forward. Its also about supporting people throughout the journey and encouraging them to act on their decisions and helping them review the effectiveness of their choices.

Chris’ type of coaching is always action-focussed – her sessions are not just ‘talking shops’. Coaching is not counselling or therapy, where issues are often linked to past experiences, although coaching conversations can help a person with more deep-rooted issues to decide whether to seek other professional help.

Issues suitable for coaching are broad. Some examples are:

  • Managing stress and identifying triggers
  • Financial difficulties
  • Managing health – exercise, diet and weight
  • Managing conflict in relationships – at work, at home, with colleagues, family or friends
  • Time Management – personal and professional
  • Changing (bad) habits
  • Low self-esteem or confidence
  • Decision-making at turning points in life

Generally, it takes a series of 4 to 5 sessions to help someone work through an issue, but no one issue is the same. Sessions will be face-to-face, but based online, using a video-conferencing tool (clients will need to be able to access either the Zoom or Teams video-conferencing tools and have a good internet connection).

Chris, a qualified Level 7 coach (accredited by the Institute for Leadership and Management), has been coaching a broad range of people over the past 16 years – university professors and the unemployed; engineers and the self-employed – in fact, one of Chris’ talents is the ability to empathise and respect people whoever they are, whatever they do. She creates a non-judgemental, safe, confidential environment for people to succeed in areas they have been struggling (see testimonials).

Back to Basics Online Personal Coaching Sessions are available now for:

  • £35 + VAT (total £42).

We recommend, before you decide to start, that you contact us to arrange a FREE chat (on Zoom or Teams or over the phone if you prefer) to discuss how coaching can help you. Once you’ve made your decision to purchase one or more sessions, either:

  • ‘Pay now’ via the PayPal button:
  • or contact us to for an invoice.