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Back to Basics Well-Being Workshops in Wales

9am-5pm, £80 (= £66.67 + VAT)

  • Do you want to take some time to invest in you?
  • To de-stress, get away from it all and get back to basics?

Our 1-Day Back to Basics Well-Being Workshops combine:

These one-day workshops create a breathing space to Pause and rest; to learn how to de-stress through meditation and mindfulness; to Reflect on what you want in life and to review your life goals; to consider whether you are achieving them and what could stop you; and to enable you to raise your self-awareness and Grow into the person you really want to be. You will receive personalised support from an experienced coach during the workshop and will be offered additional support afterwards.

The workshops are set in the green heart of Wales in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons mountain range, in a glade surrounded by ancient woodland and bordered by a stream. On the day, once we have gained inspiration from the woods and water, we will venture out, mixing walking with thinking and talking.

We provide food; home-cooked muffins on arrival; soup made from home-grown or local Welsh produce and fresh scones cooked in a mud oven; afternoon tea with Welsh Bara Brith cake and then Hot Chocolate and Campfire to finish on Autumn and Winter days (alternatives always available on request)

You should leave with:

  • Mindful and meditation practices to continue at home;
  • A workbook recording your thoughts, ideas and decisions; and
  • An opportunity for continued coaching support.

The workshop will be hosted by Chris and Steve Rayner who have years of experience running workshops and camps outdoors, working with a broad range of people, making a difference to lives and inspiring success.

Mindfulness – What is it?

Through focused short exercises, mindfulness sets out to bring a greater awareness of the world around us, of our senses and our ability to control our emotions and reactions to life events. The more awareness we have, the better we can respond to suffering, pain and loss in a positive way.  The more awareness we have, the greater we can appreciate the present moment rather than regret the past or agonise about the future.

Woodland mindfulness takes its inspiration for meditation from the trees, woodland floor and streams around us; soaking up the beauty and power of nature and honing our senses to appreciate and concentrate on the detail of the natural world – often missed in our busy built environments.

Mindfulness can also be described as just doing one thing at a time!

Coaching – What is it?

Personalised coaching is the opportunity to talk in confidence with a coach who will help you think clearly about your life goals and ambitions and where you are on your journey to achieve them. A coach will help you decide what you might do next or do differently. Chris is an experienced coach who over the past 15 years has worked with and supported a variety of clients.

Continued Coaching Support

Once you leave your Back to Basics weekend, you may experience a ‘so what?’ moment! The most important part of any new experience or any new learning about self is to reflect and ask ‘what next’? For a monthly fee, Chris can stay in touch with you via phone, text, Zoom or email and support and help you focus on what you need next.

Outdoor Living

The workshops are based at Bryn Bolgoed, a working sheep farm near Libanus, in the heart of the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. We use a woodland glade (with some shelter from the elements) as our base to practise woodland mindfulness and to reflect on life.

Practical basic needs are catered for. We provide toilet tents with a flushing ‘Portapotti’. We have hot water for drinks and fire pits and a mud-oven for cooking soups, scones and breads (with gas as a back-up). There is no electricity!

More Detail…

…in the attached file, including a Kit List and Sample Programme:

For further information, contact Chris at chris@backtobasics.wales or 07968 322096

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