Post-lockdown return of Back-to-Basics Weekends in 2021!

It seems like a long hibernation since September last year, when Covid-19 lockdowns forced us to suspend all our on-site activities here at Bryn Bolgoed. But now we’re delighted to be back, with dates for this year’s Well-Being Weekends:

  • 15-16 May
  • 19-20 June
  • 10-11 July
  • 14-15 August
  • 18-19 September
  • 16-17 October

All these weekends will include a walk in the local area on Sunday – we hope to be able to restore our canoeing option in 2022.

For details including booking, visit our Well-Being Weekends web-page.

We look forward to welcoming you here soon!

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